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The Goat Music Styles and Genre

Coming up with a synopsis of our musical style and the genre of music we play has proven to be a challenge. We play such an eclectic selection of music based on our volunteer DJ's personal music collections. There's something for everyone, so here goes....

Free form · Audio excursion · Avant garde · Audio art · Unique · Eclecticism · Ambient Electronics
Modern Jazz · Americana · Hillbilly · Caribbean · Latin · Native American/First Nation

Morning with Mozart: 500 years of great music.

So Much Music, So Little Time: Americana music for the acoustically inclined.

Rockin Blues Circus: Mishmash of Rock & Blues.

World Rhythms with Susan: A blend of music, including, pop, rock, jazz, latin, hip-hop, and music from all over the globe. Bringing you music with rhythm you can move to!

Side Roads: Kim hosts two shows alternating Sundays called Side Roads.

Cat's Music Pile: Anything from the 1940s to 2007 - Just piles and piles of music.

Mystery Hour(s) with Amy Sue: You never know what you're gonna get! A fine balance between sacredness and irreverence!

Pure Country: With your host Dan - Pure Country Music by various artists.

The Music That Killed Disco: With Denise & Bill - anti-Disco / Rock 'n roll from '74 to '81.

Bluejazz: With Andrew & Doug - Blues, Jazz, Fusion for the soul. Some Acid & World of Jazz.

Montage Monday on Sunday Night: Montage Monday, a variety of rock, alternative R&B, fusion, jazz blues and oldies, featuring an artist of the day, K-mans cover, legends of rock and a feature cd at 5:00 PM. Requests welcome.

Expanding Man: Expanding Man's program is as diverse as the host's ever expanding tastes, hence the moniker. This can cover a multitude of genres including but not limited to classic rock, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, hardcore, punk, ska, contemporary hard rock, classical, and bizarre pop music.

Texas Music: Great Texas musicians from Janis Joplin to Lightin Hopkins for their contribution to American music

Rockin Blues Circus: Mishmash of Rock & Blues.

The Mistress of Music: The Mistress of Music - I play everything from classical to jazz, with reggae, light rock, bluegrass and world music in between.

There's more, more, more, and it will be added soon.

Thanks for listening!