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Close Up of Greg Markle, KYGT General Manager

Greg Markle is one of the founders of Kgoat Radio and is the General Manager and President of Clear Creek Radio Inc., which formed in 1994. Greg has been the County Surveyor for 19 years and has operated his business, Clear Creek Surveying, since 1987. Greg hosts ‘All Things Reconsidered’ with Mark Cucinella (since 1995). The show covers mostly local issues, and there’s plenty of issues, some really weird issues. An occasional guest will come in with their alien abduction story. (We never let a facts get in the way of a good story.)

Kgoat (now KYGT) started as a simple idea: ‘Why can’t we have a community radio station?’ We started out in 1994 at the Heritage Museum. We actually helped build the offices we rented. There was a funny power move when the Tourism Board moved its stuff into the finished space, and then Bob Flagle and I moved all their things out and put some antique phonograph Bob had right in the middle of the floor, claiming our territory. That’s all we had--that old antique and an idea. We were told we could rent the space as a radio station but could only play ‘nice’ music. We had one DJ who had a purple Mohawk, which prompted the museum people to install a security system. We bought a Radio Shack mixer and a CD player and got Jones Intercable to hook us up to the cable system. Thank God Bob Bacon came along and took over the technical end.

We hung in there for eight long years before we got our ‘over the air’ license with the FCC and moved to our most excellent new location. Deejays like Rabbit, Doc and Gary, Patty, and Mark came in every week (even when we weren’t broadcasting). Sponsors kept supporting us even though we were just on the cable system. I think everyone wanted to support the idea that there should be a venue for expression, for creative energy, for a sense of community, and just some place to go have some fun.

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